Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap | Limited Edition

Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap | Limited Edition

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PLEASE NOTE: this batch of soaps will be ready to ship on Friday 18th October to allow the soap time to harden.


Our handmade hand soaps are a more limited run, produced in small batches using the finest ingredients.

We use organic ingredients as far as possible, and all of our Soaps come in recyclable wrapping (larger bars) or a reusable tin (travel and sample bars).

We source high quality ingredients, especially our essential oils, and take care to allow our Soaps at least 3 weeks to cure before they are available to purchase.  This makes your Soap a little harder, and last that bit longer.

To use, we recommend running the bar under a lukewarm tap, and gently foaming between your hands.  Allow to dry on a draining soap dish to allow the soap to dry out between uses.

All of our Soaps have the same base, only the essential oils that are used will change between scents.  We do not use any colourings, any colouring to the bars is entirely natural and dictated by the combination of essential oils and base oils.


Soaps are typically available in two sizes:

Large: approximately 90g, comes wrapped in waxed paper

Travel: approximately 20g, comes in a reusable tin.


Hand Soap Base:

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Avocado Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil



Essential Oils and other ingredients:

Pumpkin Spice: Freshly Ground Nutmeg, Pumpkin Puree, Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Nutmeg Oil


Please check the ingredients before ordering to avoid any allergies.