Raffle Winners

With every order, you will now receive a Raffle Ticket and be entered into our monthly draw!  The winner will be able to choose a skein of yarn of their choice from the shop as their prize!

Look out for your Raffle Ticket in your parcel and keep it somewhere safe until the beginning of the next month when I will draw the winner live on Instagram (follow me @norahgeorgeyarns).

Once the winners have been drawn, you will find a list of the numbers here.

To find the monthly winning tickets, please find the correct month below...

January 2021

Blue Tickets (Numbers 1-450)

Winner: 200

Winner: 408

Both prizes have been claimed.  Thank you so much!


February 2021

Yellow Tickets

Winner: 203

Prize has been claimed, thank you everyone!!


March 2021

Purple Tickets (AD127672 at the top)

Numbers 1 to 265

Winner: 185

Prize Claimed! 


April 2021

Pink Tickets (AD132000 at the top)

Numbers 1 to 330

Winner: 328



May 2021

Blue Tickets 

Numbers 1 to 282

Winner: 248

Prize Claimed!