INSTALLMENTS | The Christmas Eve Gala Murder Mystery | Advent Calendar 2021

INSTALLMENTS | The Christmas Eve Gala Murder Mystery | Advent Calendar 2021

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If you would like to subscribe to the INSTALLMENT option for this years Advent, then please purchase from THIS listing.  The full instructions for sucessfully subscribing are outlined below.

Installments are taken in FIVE equal payments for the Calendar itself, followed by a SIXTH payment for the SHIPPING alone.

Payments for the Advent are taken EACH month on the FIFTH day of the month for FIVE consectutive months.

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I am so excited to be offering our SIXTH Advent Calendar for December 2021!


The theme for this year is...

“The Christmas Eve Gala"


Inspiration for this years Advent Calendar is taken from so many things that I enjoy and have rediscovered through out lockodwns in 2020:

Agatha Christie novels, murder mysteries and family games such as Cluedo and Monopoly.

If you enjoy murder mystery novels and games, following clues and deciphering codes, then this is the Advent for you! Oh, and you also have to like yarn, which I'm guessing you might?!

Alongside the yarn revealed each day, you may receive a clue or code to decipher which will lead you towards the killer.  These will also be interactive online through the Norah George Shop.

But who are the players in this game?  Before the Advent begins, you will receive an introduction to Lord George and Lady Norah's event....

Who is invited?  Who has secrets they hold close?  Who threatens these secrets? Who will lose their life during the gala?  And ultimately, who caused that persons death and why?

There will be clues along the way, so pay attention to everything you see, read and feel. Or if you want to just enjoy some pretty, art deco-inspired yarn, I'm with you! 

If you want to be entertained too, I'm there!  I wonder who it will be and who will discover the culprit first?  There may just be a surprise for the winner.....


As always, there will be 24 different and unique colurways for this year's Advent, including tonals, varigated and speckled yarns.

We have TWO options for this years Calendar:

  1. 24x20g Mini Skeins
  2. 24x10g Mini Skeins


  • an optional 100g Main Skein

Both Calendars will feature the same Colourways.

All yarns in the Calendars, including the 100g skein, are on the Super Sock base (see below).

All Calendars will be beautifully presented in eco-friendly packaging and recyclable outer postage packaging. 

Also included in the Calendars are:

  • Notions/Sweet Treats
  • Clues
  • Games
  • Excitement and anticipation every day from 1-24 December!


Super Sock Base:

75% Superwash Merino

25% Nylon

100g/425m | 20g/85m | 10g/42m



SHIPPING BY 30th October 2021