Wool Wash Bars

Wool Wash Bars

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These Wool Wash Bars are designed to be beautifully simple and an eco-friendly way of keeping your woollens fresh and clean.  

They are handmade in house, and therefore may be a little rough around the edges - literally!  Our bars are not perfectly formed.  They vary slightly in size and weight, and the weight ordered will always be the MINIMUM weight of Bar that you will receive.  Although delicately scented, they smell like heaven and treat your woolies with the care that they deserve.

We use organic ingredients as far as possible, and all of our wool wash bars come in a reusable aluminium tin.

We source high quality ingredients, especially our essential oils, and take care to allow our Wool Wash Bars 4-6 weeks to cure before they are available to purchase. This makes your Wool Wash Bar a little harder, and last that bit longer.

To use, we recommend running the bar under a lukewarm tap, and gently foaming between your hands.  Allow your woolies to soak for at least 30 minutes, squeeze dry gently and press between a towel.  Block out, if you want to, and allow your wooly to air dry.

All of our Wool Wash Bars have the same base, only the essential oils that are used will change between scents.  We do not use any colourings, any colouring to the bars is entirely natural and dictated by the combination of essential oils and base oils.


Wool Wash Bars are a minimum of 55g.


Wool Wash Bar Base:

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Avocado Oil




Essential Oils:

Lavender & Lemon

Wild Orange & Lime


Please check the ingredients before ordering to avoid any allergies.